Southwest Coast District Shuffle Club Meeting

Minutes – November 3, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Bradenton Clubhouse

Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm by President Jerry Stannard.  Invocation by John Brown followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:  Jerry Stannard, Steve Slaughterbeck, Kathy Laver, Brad Thomas, Kay Lynn Duncan, Margaret Hartzler, Nancy Scalfani, John Brown, Joyce Marquis, and seven Club Presidents.  Non-Voting Members in attendance:  Paula Jacobson, Dolores Brown, Jo Miller, and Pat Batdorff.

President Report:   Reported shuffler tournament attendance is down especially with Amateurs.  Club Presidents asked to encourage amateurs to come out and play.  At the State Level of business, the suspension of lady shuffler Helen Biaggi is a confidential personnel matter, discussion is thereby limited, and a vote was taken at the FSA meeting held on September 29, 2018 confirming Helen’s suspension remains for one year.  The SWCD is looking for an Alternate State Delegate.

Secretary Report: Minutes read from March 3, 2018 meeting.  Motion made by Tom Putnum to approve, seconded and motion carried.

Treasurer Report:   Reported a deficit of $414.22 with an ending balance in checking account of $2,859.04.  $5,000 was taken from a current money market account and reinvested into a CD at Hancock Bank for better interest.  Total assets on 9/30/2018 – $16,509.95.  Report on file.


First VP:  No Report

Second VP: No Report

Third VP:  Brad Thomas reported the new Preview is for sale with one free copy provided to each President and Sponsor.

KOR:  Nancy Scalfani reported one State Am moved to Pro.  On FSA Website under Shuffler Data-All Shufflers, 24 pages appear with shufflers names with 180 names per page.  Nancy will be cleaning up these pages to reflect current shufflers and requested Club Presidents to review list and identify deceased shufflers and those who no longer play.  Report findings to Nancy.


State Delegate: 

John Brown suggests promoting sale of Preview to all shufflers for good reference source and handbook of rules.  John Brown recapped items from the State Fall Meeting held on October 13, 2018 and said more detail is in his October 16, 2018 Bradenton Herald Article.

  • A new Amateur Tournament of Champions is coming to Sebring in 2019 for both District and State Ams.  Amateurs placing in a tournament makes you eligible for play in this Champ Tourney (a name list will be maintained).
  • The Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on January 14, 2019 in Clearwater; tickets $35. SWCD Shufflers are encouraged to attend.  Joyce Smith and Frank Brown have tickets.
  • St. Pete Mirror Lake is asking to hold the State Masters Tournament in 2020.
  • A club holding a state tournament must get a sponsor, failing to do so can result in host club losing the host of that tournament in future.  Joyce Marquis affirmed for tournaments held at Bradenton Club, the SWCD is responsible for sponsors, not the BSC.
  • FSA voted beginning next season for a one-year test for Districts hosting Amateur State Tournaments can opt for frame games or limited frame games in lieu of 75-point games.


Tournament Directors:  Joyce Marquis reported all is good thus far.


  1. Discuss/Vote on Bunches Byes

The State has authorized bunching of byes.  It has worked well in getting shufflers on the court instead of waiting for a count on day one.  A motion was made by Joyce Marquis to continue to bunch byes, seconded by Tom Putnam.  UNANIMOUS VOTE CARRIED.


  1. Discuss State Ams playing in Friday Tournaments for Masters Points

President Standard reported a better turnout at the Amateur Draw Tournaments vs. playing Mingle/Mingle.  Last year’s decision still stands: in Friday Amateur Tournaments State Ams continue to earn Master Points, no move-up points for St. Ams, and a team must consist of one St. Am and one District Am.



  1. Number of shots in setups: Directors to inquire what players want for setups otherwise it will remain at ten (10) shots.
  1. Numbers of shots in lag:  To be kept at four (4) shots.
  1. Schedule: Frames vs. 75?  50/50?  Who decides?

The decision will be left to Host Clubs. President Stannard reports current schedule is at 50/50.

  1. District Singles Tournament
    John Brown moved we have a District Singles Championship Tournament.  Tom Putnam seconded motion. Discussed Pro/Cons: deemed positive for players; good for District; should do a survey of players; Golf Lakes possible host club for next season; it would be straight singles; will need pushers on day 2; and host club to decide team make-up.  MOTION CARRIED.
  1. Other

Move-up points for both District and State Am Tournaments:  A current problem exists with District and State Am shufflers earning immediate move-up points at Friday tournaments due to low player turnout.  Joyce confirmed low turnout at these tournaments.   Suggestions to remedy were recommended.  A motion was made by Nancy Scalfani for District and St Ams tournaments with less than 12 teams, the points will be cut in half resulting in players in the Main will get only 1/2 point; and consolation will get 1/4 point.  Motion amended by Nancy S. to read “Effective October 1, 2019 if an Amateur Tournament is played with less than twelve (12) teams, the move-up points will be cut in half.”   Motion seconded by Joyce Marquis.  MOTION CARRIED.

  1. SWCD Expenditures for Helen Biaggi Lawsuit

Margaret Hartzler made a motion “SWCD does not want FSA spending more than $2,000.00 on the Helen Biaggi incident.”   Joyce Marquis seconded.  Members present discussed and asked our President to write a letter to FSA stating our motion. MOTION CARRIED.

Adjourned 2:15 pm.

Respectively Submitted:

Kay Lynn Duncan

Recording Secretary for SWCD