Held at Bradenton Club

March 3, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Meeting called to order by President J. Stannard.

Roll Call: Jerry Stannard, Steve Slaughterbeck, Kathy Laver, Brad Thomas, Kay Lynn Duncan, John Brown, Dolores Brown, Margaret Hartzler, and Nancy Sclafani present.  In attendance:  9 Club Presidents or designees.

Invocation by John Brown followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Duncan read Jan. 6, 2018 meeting minutes.  Motion made by John Mickle to accept as read, motion carried.  Treasurer reported balance of $18,214.87 as of 3/2/2018; and financial records will be reviewed in October 2018.


1st VP Steve Slaughterbeck – Masters Committee met today and decided to suspend the one year rule play for District Ams for just one year for the March 2018 Masters.  This is due to low number of players to fill 8 slots and decision will be revisited again next season for the 2019 Masters.

2nd VP Kathy Laver reported 50/50 money count is down and suggested to consider splitting the winner money in half and asked for club input; double split discussed; vote followed 5 voted yes to spilt twice; majority vote carried to leave it at 50/50.  Will remain 50/50.

3rd VP Brad Thomas – Previews sales were good. Those who place an advertisement get a free copy. 10 copies left.  Jerry Stannard has old copies for distribution.

KOR Nancy Sclafani – 10 District Ams moved to State Ams; 7 State Ams moved to Pro.

State Delegate – John Brown no report as no meeting held since last SWCD meeting.

Dolores Brown – All is well; did bunch Byes at recent tournament and it worked well.  Joyce Marquis will be SWCD Board Representative for next season.



  1. Clarify Move-up Points for Tournaments

Brad Thomas asked for posting on schedule which tournaments are move-up and no move-up points. Response: move-up points are not associated with a specific tournament but rather apply to a player’s classification and are for district and state ams. Discussed several scenarios that could be an option for earning move-up points when there is a low turnout for Amateur Tournaments.  No motions made.

Question raised how the Mingle/Mingle tournament will be run at Trailer Estates.  John Mickle answered it will be a two-day tournament, Men and Ladies play separate, will draw a chip for a different partner for each game, will play 6 games, plan is no one will be sitting out, 16 frames or 75 points, 2 brackets played on day 2- main and consolation.  John Mickle will clarify in written instructions how the tournament will be run and send to Peter Berg to post on website.

  1. Schedule changes for 2018-19

On the FSA 2018-19 change location for P06A to be held at TAVARES

D20 change to 16 Frames

Question raised on the Amateur schedule whether the host parks agreed to the Mingle/Mingle Tournaments.  Response by President Stannard, if the players do not like Mingle/Mingle, it can be changed.  We are trying to solve the problem of players sitting out, this allows play all day.

All clubs need to encourage the district ams to come out and play tournaments.



  1. Practice Courts during District Tournaments – Leave this up to Tournament Director dependent on how many courts not being used for tournament.  Cannot use tournament courts for practice courts.  Bob Comford made a motion to leave this up to discretion of TD to practice during a tournament.  John Brown seconded.  Motion carried.
  1. Adding More ”No 2 Pros” Tournaments – Bob Comford will check on Palmetto Park’s thoughts on Dec. 6 and 7, 2018 tournament and report back.  Dave Kudros believes amateurs are moving up too fast due to low turnout at tournaments.  Bob Comford motioned to change No 2 Pros to no move up points or master points. Dave Kudros seconded.  Motion withdrawn.  On same subject, serious discussion continued.  Margaret Hartzler made a motion there will be no move up points, but Master Points will be given for No 2 Pros Tournament.  Kay Lynn seconded.   Motion carried.
  1. Discussed and voted on 10-day Notices

Rule 1        Rule C-10:  5-point penalty.  OPPOSED

Rule 2        Article 10 (e): No wins, no points.  AGREED VOTE YES

Rule 3        Rule C-10:  Live disc moved in non-walking singles.  OPPOSED

Rule 4        Rule C-15b:  Disc rebounds touching live disc. OPPOSED

Rule 5        Rule C. 20a:  Rebounding disc touches live disc. AGREED VOTE YES

Rule 6        Rule: c-20b:  Rebounding disc. AGREED VOTE YES

Rule 8        Art. 10 (e): National Points.  OPPOSED

Rule 9        Art. 10 (e): Red Lines & National Consolation Points. AGREED VOTE YES

Rule10       Standing Rule 11(A)1:  Hall of Fame Points. OPPOSED

Rule 12      Article 7(a):  Grouping of Byes. AGREED VOTE YES

Rule 13      Standing Rule 11(A): Hall of Fame Players. AGREED VOTE YES

Rule 15      Rule C.3.e:  Non-walking singles frames. OPPOSED

Rule 16      Article 10(e): Points to be awarded. AGREED VOTE YES

  1.  Preview 2018-2019 Advertisements – Margaret Hartzler needs clubs to respond ASAP to their advertisements in the upcoming PREVIEW.
  1. Other:  State Ams shuffling in Friday Tournaments get master points.  Motion made by John Brown “State Ams getting master points on Friday do not get added to their lifetime points.”  Jerry Everett seconded.  Clarification: Hall of Fame points are only earned in Thursday Tournaments.  Motion carried.

Other: Masters Tournament for District Ams in 2018.  Steve Slaughterbeck made a motion to suspend rule restricting District Ams can only play one time for this year’s Masters Tournament.  Margaret Hartzler seconded.  Motion carried.  To be revisited next year.

  1. Election of Officers

There were no nominations from the floor.  President Stannard stated all current Executive Board Members agreed to retain their position for next year and asked Secretary Duncan to cast one vote to elect our Slate of Officers as follows:

President, Jerry Stannard

1st VP, Steve Slaughterbeck

2nd VP, Kathy Laver

3rd VP, Brad Thomas

Treasurer, Margaret Hartzler

Keeper of Records, Nancy Sclafani

State Delegate John Brown, Alternate State Delegate: unfilled

Secretary, Kay Lynn Duncan, with voting rights; and Paula Jacobson as Corresponding Secy.

Joyce Marquis will serve as Tournament Director on Executive Board for next year.

Motion by Dolores Brown to accept the Slate of Officers for 2018-19.  Seconded by Margaret Hartzler.  Approved unanimously.

Bob Comford clarified No 2 Pros Tournament in February 2019 (D17)–No Move-up Points.

Motion to adjourn at 3:20 pm.

Respectively Submitted:

Kay Lynn Duncan

Recording Secretary for SWCD