Southwest Coast District Shuffle Club

Meeting Minutes

Held at Bradenton on March 4, 2017 at 1:00 pm

(APPROVED 11/4/2017)

Meeting called to order by President Nurnberger at 1:06 PM. 13 Club Presidents (or designee) and 7 SWCD board members were in attendance with voting privileges.

Minutes from the January 7, 2017 meeting were approved unanimously.

Treasurer Margaret Hartzler reported as of March 4, 2017, checking account balance $5,162.67 and $13,500 in CDs.


No Reports from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice Presidents.

KORNancy Scalfani reported that recently 4 ladies and 8 men have moved up from district amateur status to state amateur status. Also, 4 ladies and 7 men have moved up to Pro status.

STATE DELEGATEJerry Stannard reported that at the next FSA meeting, discussion will take place (this issue re-visited) on recent change (this year) from 12 frame singles format to 16 frame singles format. SWCD members at this meeting did not indicate any preference to either format.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Sue Diadone reported that Charlie DeVries and Dick Whittaker health issues were improving.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS: Chair Dolores Brown presented a motion to approve the following SWCD Tournament Directors:

STATE: Dolores Brown, Dave Minnich, Jo Miller and Joyce Marquis.

DISTRICT: Margaret Hartzler and Pat Batdorff


Motion approved unanimously.


HALL OF FAME: March 17th, 9 am at Bradenton Shuffle Club. $5 entry, hoss collar tournament til noon, followed by lunch and inductee recognition.

CHECKBOOK: Motion approved to delete Ron Nurnberger from SWCD checkbook and add Jerry Stannard.

MASTERS COMMITTEE: Committee will meet immediately following this meeting to detail 2017 SWCD Masters Tournament.

MASTER PINS: It was moved and seconded to allow those players who are eligible, but elect not to play in SWCD Masters Tournament to purchase a Masters pin at their own cost. Motion failed 4 (for); 15 (against). SWCD Meeting Page 2 March 4, 2017


The following issues were discussed and ‘voted’ to move to the November 2017 SWCD agenda for consideration:

1. Points (move-up or Master points) for future No 2 Pro SWCD tournaments.

2. Points for future Pro/District Amateur SWCD tournaments.

3. Points for future Mixed Double SWCD tournaments.

4. Consideration to designate Thursday SWCD tournaments as Pro Only (thus SWCD state and district amateurs would play together starting Fridays (with possible Thursday starts for both divisions).

5. Clarify process and committee designees for SWCD Hall of Fame.

Margaret Hartzler made a motion “to set guidelines for Hall of Fame Committee to follow in determining who goes into Hall of Fame.” John Brown seconded motion.

Members votes to table motion to November 2017 meeting.

SWCD ANNUAL BOARD ELECTION: As there were no nominations from the floor, the following slate of candidates for 2017-2018 (presented by nominating committee of Ron Nurnberger and Joyce Marquis) was moved and approved for each board position.

President: Jerry Stannard

1st VP: Steve Slaughterbeck

2nd VP: Kathy Laver

3rd VP: Brad Thomas

Secretary: Kay Lynn Duncan (voting privileges) & Paula Jacobson

Treasurer: Margaret Hartzler

KOR: Nancy Scalfani

State Delegate: John Brown

Alternate State Delegate: unfilled

Tournament Director: Dolores Brown

NEW OFFICERS: The new board members were sworn in by Sue Diadone.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Margaret Hartzler, Acting Secretary