Meeting was called to order by President Nurnberger at 1:00 PM.  Invocation by John L Brown, followed by the ‘Pledge to the Flag.’


ROLL CALL:  22 club presidents (or designee) and 7 board members comprised those with  voting privileges.


MINUTES:  Minutes from the November 7, 2015 meeting were approved.


TEASURER’S REPORT:  Margaret Hartzler reported a total balance of $18,923.97 (includes all monies/CD’s) Tournament participation is slightly behind last year and 50/50 monies are ahead of last year. (filed for audit)





Prior to the meeting, Kathleen Ferrer from Project Bradenton explained in detail the ‘Pop-up’ event to be held at the Bradenton Shuffle Club April 1st.


Sharon Patterson, President of the Tri-Par Shuffle club informed all present that because of ‘cracks’ in some courts and gutters at Tri-Par, they would not be able to host the January 21, D-13 & A-10.  Trailer Estates stepped forward to host them.  Ron was informed AFTER this meeting that Tri-Par will not be able to host ANY district tournaments in future do to reconstruction of courts.


1st Vice President Jerry Stannard:  

Report will follow on agenda regarding HOF and the Master’s Committee recommendations.


2nd Vice President Dave Welsh:        

No Report other then giving update on Non-Profit 501 C later on the agenda.




3rd Vice President Jim Smith:           

Jim reported that Preview sales were down this year and suggests we order less next year to avoid loss of revenue.  He noted last year’s sales were very high and a profit because the preview featured the Southwest Coast District.


KOR Nancy Scalfani:   

Nancy noted that so far this year,  3 ladies and 6 men have moved up to State Amateur status, and 2 ladies and 1 man moved up to Pro status.


STATE DELEGATE Jerry Stannard:        

Jerry noted the annual FSA HOF banquet is January 18th in Fort Pierce.  There are three inductee’s this year.  A FSA meeting will be held immediately after           the banquet to announce 10-day notices and election of officers for the 2016-17 year.



John attended the November           meeting and concurs with Jerry Stannard’s report.


PUBLIC RELATIONS: Sue Daidone:      

She stated the Bradenton Club Board of Directors would like more input from members on club venue of future CLUB tournaments.  She encouraged member to come to the monthly CLUB officers meetings, first Saturday of each month at 9 AM.



She clarified that State Tournament and District Tournament time of play is different (as many players get confused).  State Tournaments announce ‘no more     calls’ at 4:00 PM, as does SWC District Tournaments. The difference is FSA State tournament play can go on as long as needed in the evening providing conditions are playable. SWC District rules call for ‘not more games’ starting after 5 PM and all play stops at 5:30 PM.




Motion to move $1000 from money market account as ‘seed’ money for the newly organized SWCD HOF (hall of fame) was approved unanimously.



Motion to establish HOF eligibility as follows:  Attain 200 SWCD play points, past presidents and special contributors were pasted unanimously.  NOTE:  Specific points that will count toward the 200 will be presented for a vote at the March 2016 meeting.


Dave Welsh, President of the Southwest Florida Shuffleboard Inc., non-profit organization updated all present on its progress. Dave stated a fund raiser honoring veterans and open to all shufflers will be held February13th at the Bradenton Shuffle Club from 1-5 PM.  Handouts were made available to all present with details.  He also stated no funding has been received from area companies at this time.




Motion to change the third (12 frame) game in District Master Tournaments to a 6 & 6 format was approved.  Thus there will be no ‘lagging’ for third game color choice.  This will be in effect for this years tournament (2016).


Motion to allow players, if all 4 on a court agree, to move a disc inadvertently moved back to it’s original position (thus eliminating the time it takes to have a tournament director come to the court for rule interpretation) failed 9-12.


Motion to eliminate SWCD Masters prize money ($540) for the Pro division and replace with pins for all participants including State Amateur players was approved unanimously (District Amateur Master participants will continue to receive plaques and pictures).


NOTE:  It was noted by Jerry Stannard in discussion of the HOF, that a ‘Hoss Collar’ fund raising event will be held March 19th at the Bradenton Shuffle Club, with a Banquet type pot-luck to follow with end of the year HOF awards.  Details will be forthcoming.


Motion to approve the SWCD 2016-17 play schedule as presented was approved unanimously.  NOTE: Revision will take place now that we received news of Tri-Par possibly being unable to host future tournaments.


Motion to add voting privilege on the SWCD executive board to a SWCD tournament director representative was approved unanimously.


SWCD nominating committee chairperson, Sue Daidone announced that there were no new candidates for any seat on the executive board.  Therefore, the present board will be unopposed at the March meeting elections (for next year) unless new nominations from the ‘floor’ take place at that meeting.


Motion to accept the schedule for clubs hosting  SWCD Master Tournaments thru 2020 was approved unanimously. The schedule is:


          2016  Bradenton;   2017 Tri-Par;   2018 Golf Lakes;   2019 Trailer           Estates and 2020 Palmetto.


NOTE:  Because of reconstruction of courts at Tri-Par, Palmetto has accepted hosting the 2017 District Masters Tournaments if necessary.


OTHER BUSINESS: Jerry Stannard offered a motion to change our present Thursday district tournaments to Pro only.  Thus, state amateur and district amateurs would play together on Friday/Saturday’s.  Motion failed for lack of  ‘second.’


Meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM